Everything you will need to know about the latest Bond film, No Time To Die, which will comprise Rami Malek as a potential villain…

After months, no more, years of waitingwe now have a title for the 25th Bond film: No Time To Die. Watch No Time To Die 123movies The news was announced on the official 007 Twitter account, alongside a launch date for the movie, 3 April 2020.

In an interview to the November 2019 issue of GQ, Naomie Harris told us that”it is a tie-up of Skyfall and Spectre. Watch No Time To Die 123movies However, with enormous, enormous surprises that had me like,’Oh, wow!’  So I think we’re going to really shock people.”

In April, from the GoldenEye villa in Jamaica, the Bond team announced what few details of Watch No Time To Die 123movies they could give usnamely, Phoebe Waller-Bridge will be about the writing team; Ralph Fiennes, Lea Seydoux, Naomie Harris, Rory Kinnear, Ben Whishaw and Jeffrey Wright reunite for the throw; and Rami Malek will soon be linking, and based on what he says it seems likely it will be the protagonist of Bond’s latest outing.

Rami Malek, stuck in New York and unable to join the cast in Jamaica, said,”I promise you I’ll be making sure Mr Bond doesn’t have a simple ride.”Watch No Time To Die 123movies

On Seydoux’s return, Harris told GQ that”at the conclusion of Spectre you will find women he gives his livelihood up for: there’s no more psychological attachment than that.Watch No Time To Die 123movies.  It’s only about going with the times and recognising that girls can no longer be regarded as eye candy.”

Watch No Time To Die 123movies

 Daniel Craig, who will star as James Bond for the fifth time, stayed cryptic when discussing the movie, stating only,”I have tried during my tenure to continue that tradition of earning films that stand out and so are distinct from the other movies on the market.”Watch No Time To Die 123movies.

Carey Fukunaga is the manager and has already filmed in Norway before coming to movie at Jamaica, Pinewood at London and Matera in Italy.Watch No Time To Die 123movies.  Bond will initiate the film in Jamaica while taking a break from active service.  “We consider Jamaica Bond’s religious house,” explained producer Barbara Broccoli.

And we now have our first look at what Bond’s”spiritual home” will look like on the screen, due to a special behind-the-scenes snippet that has just landed on the James Bond 007 YouTube channel.  Against the ragga beat of Kully B & Gussy G’s”Boom Shot Dis”, we see Craig race round the Jamaican landscape in a battered Land Rover, individuals who would not seem strange at a Gucci campaign dance in a sultry nightclub and the most recent Bond girl Lashana Lynch sat in…Watch No Time To Die 123movies, well, we’re not quite certain where she is actually sitting, but she’s there, looking as cool as ever. 

Amid all of this activity, we also see clips of Fukunaga, staring intently at the cameras’ live feeds and occasionally sharing a laugh with Craig.  In terms of Malek, he’s nowhere to be seen, which only reinforces the theory that he could be the villain.

It’s apparent what Broccoli said in the Bond group’s unique announcement wasn’t a lie. Watch No Time To Die 123movies “We have got a serious ride in shop for Mr Bond,” she told fans in April.  We can’t wait to join him . 


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