Who is the next James Bond? Each of the rumours on who can replace Daniel Craig as 007

From Idris Elba to Cillian Murphy and Benedict Cumber batch, read on for the latest rumoured replacements for 007 as Daniel Craig films Bond 25, Watch James Bond No Time To Die Full Movie, his final outing

Daniel Craig will probably be devoting his shaken Martini and bidding farewell to the iconic character of James Bond next year.

His final curtain call won’t be until Bond 25 in 2020, Watch James Bond No Time To Die Full Movie , but rumours are already moving over who would step into his shoes and replace him as 007.

Here’s all you want to know about the latest Bond rumours.

Bond 25 release date and all the latest news

Richard Madden tips at being supplied James Bond role

The Sherlock star could be leaping from one iconic spy on to another if the bookies are anything to go by after Cumber batch’s odds were slashed from 100/1 to 10/1. Watch James Bond No Time To Die Full Movie , Cumber batch previously talked about taking over the baton from Craig, saying he doesn’t believe he has what it takes.  Speaking to the Guardian he explained:”I could put on a suit, and that I could fight!  I can raise my forehead, but that is not exactly what it takes to play Bond.   It’d be fun though!”

Sam Heughan

Scottish actor Sean Connery is still arguably the franchise’s most iconic Bond — James Bond 25 123movies. and it appears that Outlander’s Sam Heughan is eager to bring the role of the martini-slurping 007 back to its roots…

Asked whether she is consider the role, Heughan stated in a meeting with STV News:”I think any actor who says they wouldn’t would be lying, and I think it’s time we has a Scottish Bond .”

Tom Hiddleston

Idris Elba’s Thor co-star Tom Hiddleston was rumoured to be lined up as another Bond a couple years back, Watch James Bond No Time To Die Full Movie ,particularly after a reported meeting with Bond producer Barbara Broccoli — and it also seemed fate was smiling after Night Manager director Susanne Bier was tipped as the next James Bond manager.

But back in 2016 he told fans that”your guess is as good as mineto be honest”.

“I’m sorry to disappoint you everybody,” he said at Wizard Comic Con at Philadelphia. Watch James Bond No Time To Die Full Movie . “I really don’t feel that statement is coming”

…that has not stopped the odds favouring the star though, so watch this space.

Rupert Buddy

Best known for playing CIA hitman Quinn in Homeland and for various movie roles such as The Death of Stalin and Pride and Prejudice, Watch James Bond No Time To Die Full Movie ,Rupert Friend was really asked to screen test for the role of Bond at the age of 22, after Pierce Brosnin abandoned the franchise — but Friend said no.

“I just thought,’I’m too young for it.   James Bond has to have lived’,” Friend said in an interview with The Times. James Bond 25 123movies, “I love Bond movies.  I don’t want to be the man who messes up it because he has not got miles around the clock”

Of course, now that he’s had the requisite life encounter, it begs the question: could Friend state yes this time around?

Cillian Murphy

The Peaky Blinders celebrity is the latest star to be tipped for the role, after his odds of becoming the next Bond were slashed in March 2019.

The acclaimed celebrity are the second Irish star to play Bond, following in the footsteps of Pierce Brosnan. Watch James Bond No Time To Die Full Movie .  Although perhaps the rumours have more to do with his return to Peaky Blinders after this season?

Idris Elba

Luther star Idris Elba has long been tipped to replace Daniel Craig — along with the Golden Globes added fuel to the fire when they decided to have a bit fun and sit Craig right next to his long-rumoured successor…

But, Elba has previously attempted to quash the rumours, saying that he wouldn’t want to undertake a function that could”define” him.

“Bond is among the biggest franchises around the world, and because of this, Watch James Bond No Time To Die Full Movie , whoever ends up enjoying it, lives it,” he told Event magazine.

“You are THAT personality, and called that personality for many, many years.  I am creating characters today that can still live alongside Idris.  Not ones that take over me personally and solely define me”

Elba also addressed the response to the rumours he could be sipping a martini shortly saying he was”disheartened”.Watch James Bond No Time To Die Full Movie .

Speaking to Esquire he explained:”When you get people from a generational point of view moving,’It can’t be.’  And it really ends up to be the colour of my skin.  And if I get it and it did not work, or it did work, could it be because of the color of my skin?  That’s a difficult place to place myself when I don’t have to.”

Bodyguard’s US victory’assists’ Richard Madden’s likelihood of becoming the next Bond

The celebrity has reacted to rumours he was up for the Bond job, including he didn’t need to”curse anything” by going into too much detail about the rumours.

“I’m more than flattered to be mentioned, for folks to consider placing me in that role.  I’m quite flattered and grateful. Watch James Bond No Time To Die Full Movie , It is a very brilliant thing to maintain,” he said in an interview in GQ magazine.

“I don’t want to curse anything from saying anything.  I believe that is the curse of that.  If you discuss anything, you’ll curse it.”

His Bodyguard co-star Keeley Hawes nevertheless, who played with Home Secretary Julia Montague from the drama, has thrown her support behind Madden.

“I said to Richard while we were still shooting,’This is similar to James Bond! ”’ Hawes said at the Radio Times Covers Party.

“I’d really like to see Richard playing James Bond; I’d love that,” she added.  “I think he would be phenomenal.”

Aidan Turner

Poldark star Aidan Turner has the requisite brooding stare necessary for the role, Watch James Bond No Time To Die Full Movie , but he’s formerly refused to entertain the possibility of becoming another 007 — or until Daniel Craig steps down…

Asked about the rumours from the I paper, Turner explained:”There’s someone else playing the job — I always feel strange talking about it.  It has come up a lot in recent times.”

But he added:”When it is free, I will have a peek at it.  But it is not free now.”

Gillian Anderson

‘The name’s Bond.  Jane Bond.’

X-Files and Sex Education’s Gillian Anderson was delighted when Twitter began a campaign to throw Anderson as the next Bond.

The James Bond novelist Anthony Horowitz has boosted the effort to throw a girl as 007 by insisting that”anybody” may take the coveted character.

“I could envision anyone as Bond,” Horowitz said when asked if he could imagine a woman in the function.  Watch James Bond No Time To Die Full Movie.


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