PRODUCERS of this newest James Bond film ordered three distinct endings be forced to maintain the authentic finale top key, it was shown last night.

This means just he understands the true finish that’ll appear in cinemas next April, according to The Mirror.

The newspaper reports that one scene filmed involved people being gassed on a dance floor.

And insiders say maybe not Bond star Daniel Craig understands the real ending – since Fukunaga is desperate to get around the movie’s orgasm dripping out.

One supply suggested Bond might be killed off and replaced by a woman.

They included:”Everybody in the dark – that the secrecy is off the graph “

In the new movie, Brit celebrity Lashana Lynch is going to probably be awarded the 007 spy number following Bond leaves MI6 to get a”serene life in Jamaica”.

However, according the synopsis:”His calmness is short lived if his old friend Felix Leiter in the CIA ends up.”

Bond needs to rescue a kidnapped scientist whilst pursuing a mysterious villain equipped with frightening new technologies.


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