No Time To Die’ Might Reboot OG James Bond Villain From ‘Dr. No’

James Bond No Time To Die

The guy with the metal hands might be back, and everyone believes they know who’s playing him…

 And today, some 007 fans think that actor Rami Malek could be playing with a rebooted version of Dr. No in the next big Bond movie, No Time To Die.

Back in August, during a significant casting statement, Malek stated:”I will be positive that Mr. Bond does not have an easy ride of it,” which solidified the notion he will be playing with the big bad in the 25th James Bond movie, which is Daniel Craig’s swan song in the role.  It’s also been confirmed that No Time To Die will be filming in Jamaica, in the specific place where a huge chunk of the activity in Dr. No, occurred, too.  So, some folks have put 2 and 007 together and come up with…a fresh Dr. No!

Is this mad?  Well, taking into consideration that the movie Spectre covertly uttered Blofeld in the kind of Christoph Waltz, it is not that nuts to think No Time To Die could bring back Dr. No.  Since this movie is Daniel Craig’s last James Bond film, added together with the fact that some people believe a male James Bond may not happen ever again, it might make a lot of awareness to bring the Bond franchise complete circle.

 And the reply to that sort of depends on how cool the film is.  Thus far, it seems like that could be Daniel Craig’s best Bond film, but still.  Both Casino Royale and Skyfall had villians who were contained in those films.  True, among these originated in the first bond book ever, and among these was Javier Bardem, but still.  In terms of onscreen Bond baddies, they were exceptional.  Back in Spectre, it almost didn’t matter that Waltz was really Blofeld.  He could have just as easily been another personality.  If Malek is Dr. No, it may be cool.  However, let’s just hope is robot hands are extremely sweet, otherwise this whole shebang won’t work. 


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