Next James Bond film’s release date — No Time to Die’s cast, plot and Newest Information

James Bond 25 No Time To Die

Everything you Want to know about Bond 25 from launch date to cast, locations to plot,James Bond 25 No Time To Die.

It has been quite a while since we last saw Daniel Craig match up as James Bond in the magnificent Spectre, going toe-to-toe with the brilliantly bizarre Ernst Blofeld (a superb turn from Christoph Waltz — who may only be back… in Bond 25)

James Bond 25 No Time To Die

But using a new manager at the helm, it seems we’re put for more scintillating spy thrills sooner instead of later.  James Bond 25 No Time To Die.

Here is everything you need to know about Bond 25.

The largest movie releases of 2019

Bond 25 will be published on 3rd April 2020 at the UK and 8th April in the USA.

Bond 25 was initially billed for launch on 25th October 2019, which would have turned into a four-year difference between the brand new movie and the release of Spectre. James Bond 25 No Time To Die.

Filming for No Time to Die has now wrapped.

Update: We now have a name for Bond 25!  No Time to Die.  The name was unceremoniously dropped from the film’s Twitter accounts on 20th August.

There’d been plenty of speculation that the new Bond movie would be termed Shatterhand — something Broccoli herself ruled out when registering an autograph of a fan-made title card. James Bond 25 No Time To Die.   Others indicated it’d be titled Eclipse after a crew member used the name on her profile on a jobs website.  Looks like everybody was wrong…

James Bond 25 No Time To Die

The program was thrown into action when original director Danny Boyle pulled from the project, citing’creative differences’. James Bond 25 No Time To Die.

It was previously reported from The Sun that Boyle, 61, quit as manager over a hesitation to kill off Bond at the conclusion of the movie.

 However, Oscar-winner Boyle, 61, refused to kill off the key agent, labelling the idea’ridiculous.'”

Boyle has since added to”I learned my lesson that I am not cut [for franchises] otherwise you are digging in the same hole. James Bond 25 No Time To Die.   I am better not quite in the mainstream franchise pictures, is the honest answer”

The film had been further pushed back when Craig, 50, desired to help wife Rachel Weisz outside at home, after she gave birth to their first child together in September 2018.

The delay saw him sign up to a second project, playing the lead in murder mystery film Knives Out (along with Bond co-star Ana de Armas) that filmed in late 2018. James Bond 25 No Time To Die.

The various setbacks place the new Bond movie at a release date of 14th February 2020 — but that has been postponed AGAIN, with Bond 25 now set to be published in the UK on 3rd April 2020, nearly two weeks later.

Hopefully, this time that the launch date will adhere…

Who is in the cast of Bond 25?

In addition to Craig in his final outing as Bond, Ralph Fiennes (M), Lea Seydoux (Madeleine Swann), Naomie Harris (Moneypenny), Ben Whishaw (Q), Rory Kinnear (Bill Tanner) and Jeffrey Wright (Felix Leiter) will be reprising their roles for the new film. James Bond 25 No Time To Die.   Intriguingly, Christoph Waltz has also been seen set, fuelling speculation that his Spectre personality, Ernst Stavro Blofeld, is going to probably be back with unfinished business…

The most important antagonist?  Following months of speculation, Rami Malek has been verified in a live reveal in April 2019.

He disclosed via video connection he was planning to play a Bond villain, saying:”I assure you I will be making certain Mr Bond doesn’t have an easy ride in this, his 25th outing.” James Bond 25 No Time To Die.

He later added on Good Morning America:”This is just a perfect followup to Bohemian Rhapsody,” that the Queen biopic which saw him win his first Oscar in February 2019. James Bond 25 No Time To Die.   “Going from a iconic Brit into a British franchise.”

Malek has also disclosed he sought satisfaction from director Cary Fukunaga his character would not be portrayed as a Arabic-speaking terrorist.

James Bond 25 No Time To Die

“It’s a great personality and I’m quite excited,” he told the Mirror.  “However, that was one thing which I discussed Cary.  I said,’We can’t identify him with any act of terrorism reflecting an ideology or a religion.  That is not something I would entertain, James Bond 25 No Time To Die. so if that is why I’m your pick then you may count me out’.  But this was clearly not his vision.  So he’s a very different kind of terrorist.”

Alongside Malek are a lot of famous names.  Captain Marvel’s breakout star Lashana Lynch has joined the cast as a character named Nomi, that will allegedly get the code name 007 after Bond retires (more on that here), while Ana de Armas is thought to be Bond’s love interest — Paloma.

David Dencik will play a character called Waldo who, according to a tweet against the celebrity’s cousin, is just another villain, although Billy Magnussen is reportedly starring as a CIA agent and Dali Benssalah joining the cast in an unannounced function. James Bond 25 No Time To Die.

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How did Daniel Craig injure himself during filming?

Throughout an action shoot on set in Jamaica, Daniel Craig awakened while running, sustaining an injury to his ankle.

The production team confirmed on Twitter in May 2019 that the 007 actor would be out of action for two weeks as he underwent’minor operation’.

BOND 25 upgrade: Daniel Craig will soon be undergoing minor ankle surgery resulting from an injury sustained during filming Jamaica.  Production will continue whilst Craig is rehabilitating for two weeks post-surgery.  James Bond 25 No Time To Die. The movie stays on track for the identical launch date in April 2020.

Only a couple of weeks later, in June 2019, an explosion caused a slight injury to a team member, and ruined a number of the 007 stage at Pinewood Studios in Buckinghamshire.

However, by mid-June, things looked back on track when the official Bond Twitter page shared a photograph of Craig hitting the gym in preparation to restart shooting.

Lady Naomie Harris told Entertainment Weekly:”He’s such a trooper and such a powerful guy I believe even if he was in pain, he’d just chug along and make sure that we complete it on schedule.” James Bond 25 No Time To Die.

And by the end of the month, the official James Bond Twitter account had shared a picture and movie of the star filming using an Aston Martin V8 in Whitehall, London.

007 star Daniel Craig, manager Cary Fukunaga and the #Bond25 crew were outside in the sunshine now shooting across a number of London locations, including Whitehall, in which Daniel filmed a scene with a classic @astonmartin V8, first found in a Bond film in THE LIVING DAYLIGHTS.

Who can lead the next James Bond movie?

After Boyle stopped in August 2018, it was announced the following month which US director Cary Joji Fukunaga could helm Bond 25. James Bond 25 No Time To Die.

Fukunaga was director and executive producer of the 2014 series of True Detective, which saw him scoop the Emmy Award for Outstanding Directing for a Drama Series.  He is also at the helm of Netflix’s acclaimed mini-series Maniac.

US director Cary Joji Fukunaga presents on the red carpet upon birth for the world premiere of this movie”Maniac” in central London on September 13, 2018.  (Photo by Anthony HARVEY / AFP) (Photo credit should read ANTHONY HARVEY/AFP/Getty Images) James Bond 25 No Time To Die.

The 41-year-old has directed feature film Sin Nombre and the 2012 movie adaptation of Jane Eyre, each of which garnered positive reviews from critics.

James Bond 25 No Time To Die

News of his hire was confirmed by the official James Bond Twitter account by producers Michael G Wilson and Barbara Broccoli.

The statement read:”We are delighted to be working with Cary.  His versatility and innovation make him an superb choice for our second James Bond experience” James Bond 25 No Time To Die.

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First look at Bond 25

The team has released a trippy behind the scenes look at Bond 25.  Have a look at Fukunaga and Craig in activity on set below. James Bond 25 No Time To Die.

A formal picture from No Time to Die, including a bloodied Bond, was also published in early November 2019.

What’s Bond 25 about?

With Phoebe Waller-Bridge now a part of the composing team for Bond 25, alongside Scott Burns, Neal Purvis and Robert Wade, we’re hoping for a sparky Fleabag-inspired script that time around.

“There’s something about James Bond that always intrigued me in a similar manner that Villanelle failed,” the Killing Eve author told The Hollywood Reporter.  “They live a dream!  Nonetheless, it’s a life none of us would ever want, if we are honest.  We do not wish to go put a bullet in someone’s mind to sleep with individuals and also have martinis.  It is a type of fantasy nightmare” James Bond 25 No Time To Die.

Waller-Bridge added:”A lot was made of me arriving on board because I’m a girl, and that is wonderful.  But also I can not take credit for the movie that was written. 

It’s been declared by Barbara Broccoli the movie will begin with Bond dwelling in the Caribbean, no longer working for Her Majesty’s Service.

“Bond isn’t on active service once we start the film, he is really enjoying himself in Jamaica.  We consider Jamaica bond’s spiritual home.  He begins his journey ,” she explained. James Bond 25 No Time To Die.

Early rumours indicated the Bond 25 script was based on 1999 publication Never Dream of Death by US writer Raymond Benson.

A plot escape in September 2017 watched US gossip book Page Six report that Bond 25 will observe notorious womaniser 007 get married to Dr Madeleine Swann (played by Lea Seydoux) after quitting MI6. James Bond 25 No Time To Die.

An insider asserted:”The film’s like Taken (Liam Neeson’s movie), but with Bond.”

However, latest speculation has Bond brought out of retirement by Felix Leiter (last observed in Quantum of Solace) to recover a scientist in the clutches of a wicked villain. James Bond 25 No Time To Die.

Naomie Harris, who plays Eve Moneypenny fuelled speculation saying that No Time to Die would be a”tie-up of Skyfall and Spectre” having plenty of shocking moments.

 So I think we are going to really shock people,” she told GQ in an interview.

She added:”We are definitely seeing a Bond who’s more in touch with his feelings and more open to falling in love.” James Bond 25 No Time To Die.

Can there be a Bond 25 poster?

A simple but efficient teaser poster has also been published, with the film’s logo emblazoned within an image of a tuxedo-clad Craig.

How will Bond 25 end?

The manufacturers are taking no chances with No Time To Die plot leaks, with Fukunaga shooting three distinct endings to the film. James Bond 25 No Time To Die.

The project is so shrouded with mystery, maybe not even Craig understands which end will be picked as the movie’s”real” ending.

According to reports, one ending sees a group of people being gassed to a dance-floor, although a single source has suggested Bond could be killed off and replaced by a woman in the exact closing moments. James Bond 25 No Time To Die.

Who’s Bond 25 filming?

The film has been shot in Jamaica, Matera in Italy, London and Norway, in which early scenes were filmed by a frozen lake.  The James Bond Twitter account shared a few photos from Italy.

Daniel Craig, Léa Seydoux and manager Cary Joji Fukunaga arrive in Matera, Italy to Keep on filming #NoTimeToDie #Bond25 James Bond 25 No Time To Die.

Will this really be Daniel Craig’s final appearance as 007?

Since taking the reins from Pierce Brosnan as the secret agent in 2005, Craig has gained universal praise for his portrayal as Bond in the last four movies.

After asserting he would”rather slash his wrists” than play Bond again, but in August 2017 Craig confirmed he would be playing Bond to get”one last time” in the 25th movie.

With rumours rife that Bond may die in the closing minutes, fans are now speculating on how the franchise may continue. James Bond 25 No Time To Die.

Although some have thought that the 26th Bond outing will cast a new lead together with the explanation 007 didn’t really die in any way, the Sun have speculated that there might be”a Doctor Who-esque regeneration with a new celebrity.”

Who will carry out the Bond 25 theme song?

It isn’t been verified which artist has been selected to record the film’s title track.  Rumoured pop celebrities have included Ed Sheeran, Dua Lipa and Lana Del Rey, as well as Adele that has been reported returning to the franchise after impressing with her 2012 track Skyfall. James Bond 25 No Time To Die.

Sheeran’s manager Stuart Camp affirmed in August 2019 that the star had met with Bond boss Barbara Broccoli two years earlier and the filmmakers were”curious” at the time in having Sheeran function the theme.

Though discussions apparently have not progressed since, Camp added,”It’s certainly something [Sheeran would] want to do however, it is a box that is still to be ticked, for certain.”

What cars are available in Bond 25?

Bond’s car from the new movie will be… the Aston Martin Valhalla. 

The Valhalla — which replaces the version used in Spectre — is priced at #1.5 million, and follows in the tradition of Aston Martin naming its cars using the letter’V’, now drawing on Norse mythology. James Bond 25 No Time To Die.

James Bond 25 No Time To Die

“Aston Martin version names always draw a great deal of attention,” explained Aston boss Andy Palmer.  “They do this because they always capture an emotion or tell a story. James Bond 25 No Time To Die.

“Norse mythology comprises such powerful language and rich storytelling it felt only right the AM-RB 003 (because it was formerly termed ) should stick to the Valkyrie’s theme”

The traditional Aston Martin DB5 — first featured in 1964’s Goldfinger and reintroduced for the Daniel Craig age in 2006’s Casino Royale — may play a part in the movie.  James Bond 25 No Time To Die.


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