From James Bond to Fast and Furious: Film set accidents’occurring again and Again again’

JAMES BOND No Time to Die and Fast and Furious 9 are just a few films that have seen stunts go wrong or set mishaps recently, because a personal injury attorney asserts they are occurring too often and more must be done to stop them.

Film stunts are a few of the most exciting speculates in movie blockbusters, however it goes without saying just how insecure they can be.  An accident in June found a controlled explosion go wrong on the record of James Bond No Time To Die at Pinewood Studios that summer.  According to an official statement:”Damage was caused by the outside of the 007 Stage.  There were no accidents on set, however, 1 crew member beyond the stage has sustained a slight injury.”

However, the UK’s Health and Safety Executive decided not to look further into the episode, with a spokesman saying:”After an initial assessment, we concluded there was no need for a formal investigation.”

But a month later Vin Diesel’s Fast and Furious 9 set at Warner Bros Studios in Hertfordshire watched a critical accident after a stunt went wrong.

Stunt dual Joe Watts supposedly fell 30ft after leaping off a balcony, with fears his cable snapped.

He had been taken to the Royal London Hospital by air and was thankfully moved from intensive care in August.

In this situation, that the Health and Safety Executive is currently investigating exactly what caused the accident.

Though the UK has rigorous film set security laws, injuries endangering performers are occurring too frequently, according to personal injury lawyer Ben Pepper, Associate Solicitor at Bolt Burdon Kemp.

He said:”They’re occurring again and again.  There are ways in which these types of accidents could be avoided.  Certainly more must be carried out.

“The Health and Safety Executive have resisted [on a number of events ] as a result of the failure of the companies…not fulfilling the standards.

“I do not think that it’s true that the principles and regulations are becoming tougher.  They have always been there.

“Films are needing to become bigger and better, more rapid and more volatile, more dangerous all the time to attempt to up their match.  More and more accidents are happening, so you will find far more breaches of the health and safety regulations.” 


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