Daniel Craig Is All Business At First Poster For James Bond Film’No Time To Die’

UN People Daniel Craig Mines, Mexico City, Mexico Daniel Craig Actor Daniel Craig walks the red carpet in the regional premiere of the latest James Bond film,”Spectre,” in Mexico City.James Bond No Time To Die 123movies,  On, Craig called for more funding for the U.N. bureau which cleans up of mines and other unexploded ordnance, saying the work it does raises the chances of survival for men and women in conflict zones around the globe.  2 Nov 2015.  Photo Credit:

Daniel Craig Seems to have the weight of the world on his shoulders at the very first poster for the Hottest James Bond movie, No Time To Die.

James Bond No Time To Die 123movies

The pic for the 25th installment of the franchise dropped early Saturday morning on Instagram in honour of International James Bond Day observing the iconic franchise.James Bond No Time To Die 123movies.

The poster shows the secret representative sporting one of his signature tuxedos because he stares off to the side in something (apparently very serious) controlling his attention.James Bond No Time To Die 123movies.  The name of the film is written in bold white letters along with the 007 logo.

This latest entry in the spy series finds a retired Bond relaxing in Jamaica when his old friend Felix Leiter (Jeffrey Wright) from the CIA turns up asking for assistance.James Bond No Time To Die 123movies,  The mission to rescue a kidnapped scientist turns out to be far more treacherous than expected, leading Bond on the course of a mysterious villain armed with new technology that is dangerous.

New cast members comprises Ana de Armas, Lashana Lynch, Billy Magnussen, David Dencik and Dali Benssalah.James Bond No Time To Die 123movies.

Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli are producers.  Cary Joji Fukunaga is writing and directing. 

Secrecy abounds where No Time To Die is concerned, with various endings apparently filmed for the new 007 film.James Bond No Time To Die 123movies.

Post-production is now underway on the 25th James Bond movie, James Bond No Time To Die 123movies, that wrapped up its main block of photography a couple weeks ago.  It is widely anticipated — although this was said before — that the film marks the final time Daniel Craig will play 007.

According to a new rumour from tabloid The Mirror, the manufacturing team want to play with their cards near their chest too. James Bond No Time To Die 123movies, Director Cary Fukunaga has, it reports, filmed three unique endings No Time To Die.  It reports that he knows which one will be used, but that seems unlikely given how producer-driven that the Bond films often are.  Nonetheless, it says there’s still some mystery over just which ending will be used.

It is fairly clear that they won’t kill Bond off, needless to say.  Nor is Daniel Craig likely to pop into a TARDIS and reevaluate.James Bond No Time To Die 123movies  But if it does prove to be Craig’s swansong, anticipate some sort of farewell.  Given the clear secrecy surrounding the movie, take everything prior to the film’s release with a liberal dose of salt.


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