James Bond fans spent this weekend celebrating James Bond Day

James Bond fans spent this weekend celebrating James Bond Day (the anniversary of the launch of Dr. No in 1962) analyzing the initial poster for Daniel Craig’s last twist as the spy James Bond No Time To Die 123movie.. 

The poster shows a tuxedo-clad Craig standing in front of a weathered turquoise wall, looking off into the distance.  The title of the film is printed in big, white letters in a distinctive typeface.

It’s, all in all, a fine poster.  It doesn’t show any substantial information regarding the movie or especially blow us away with its own aesthetics, but it’s in line with the very first posters of other modern Bond films, James Bond No Time To Die 123movie. which one enthusiast account pointed out usually comprise only the lead actor and the title of the movie.

James Bond No Time To Die 123movie

It is probably worth mentioning that Bond teaser posters have basically had the specific same layout for the past 20+ years.  It is almost always just Bond and the name to get general audiences to connect the title with James Bond and the 007 brand.

It is akin to an announcement.

And yet, there’s something about this poster that’s very unpleasant to the kind of people who voice their opinions regarding James Bond film posters online.James Bond No Time To Die 123movie.

This poster just cries”James Bond just discreetly walked out of a brothel at 6am”.

A poor movie may have a great poster and a fantastic film can have a bad poster, therefore it doesn’t make much sense to get riled up over a poster since you believe it means that the film will be enjoy it,James Bond No Time To Die, especially in this case once the poster doesn’t provide much concerning hints to what the movie will actually be like.

James Bond No Time To Die 123movie

One enthusiast account summed up the early terror around the poster with the ideal message to stressed-out fans: remain loose.

What began as a publication show by an English Intelligence Officer has now turned into a huge film franchise. James Bond No Time To Die 123movie, Even though the James Bond franchise today has numerous faces and names attached to itinitially started as a novel set by Ian Fleming.  The first movie adaptation of his novels was Dr. No comprising Sean Connery as the face of Bond.

though it’s been 57 years since James Bond’s first appearance on the big screen on October 5, it has not been forgotten and the afternoon of the first film’s (Dr. No in 1962) release is celebrated as James Bond day every year.  James Bond No Time To Die 123movie. On the event of James Bond Day, the first poster of this 25th picture of this franchise titled No Time to Die premiered on Twitter.  The poster watched Daniel Craig reprise his iconic appearance as the British agent.  He could also be seen wearing a tuxedo from the poster.

The film’s name was recently shown after previously being known as Bond 25. No Time To Die 123movie.  Interestingly the movie will also introduce actress Lashana Lynch into the franchise. 

The idea of a girl taking the Agent 007 title has been met with a great deal of backlash by the general public.  That’s not all.  The movie’s creation has also had its collection of issues.  Earlier Danny Boyle had been picked to direct the movie.  He afterwards departed from the project because of creative differences.  James Bond No Time To Die 123movie.

It was later demonstrated that this was because Boyle had wanted to change the traditional image of Bond in a few ways including his attitude around women in consideration of their #MeToo movement.  On the other hand, the changing of Bond’s image was not well met with the manufacturers as a result of which walked .  Producer Barbara Broccoli later ensured fans that Bond’s mindset would be altered in No Time to Die in response to the #MeToo movement.

Apart from Daniel Craig and Lashana Lynch, the movie also stars Ralph Fiennes, Naomie Harris, and Jeffrey Wright. James Bond No Time To Die 123movie. It will also star Rami Malek as the antagonist.  It’s set to launch in April 2020. 


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