James Bond: Here’s why Daniel Craig may STILL do You more 007 film after No Time To Die

Danny Boyle was brought on as manager and it was looking peachy before the filmmaker and his screenwriter spouse John Hodge abandoned Bond 25 over creative differences.

After a delay, Cary Fukunaga was confirmed as the replacement manager, while what became of this script isn’t exactly clear.

Come April this year and No Time To Die (which had not had its name revealed at this stage ) had a live show from Jamaica.

It was at this time that Craig appeared less definitive about the film being his fifth and final.

Sounding coy, the now 51-year-old replied:”Perhaps”.

Before gently adding:”Yeah no it’s.”

Whilst telling another socket:”Yes, it is my last one. 

Maybe Craig will look at making Bond 26 if No Time To Die turns out to be another Spectre rather than a Skyfall?

Surely, Moneypenny celebrity Naomie Harris reckons her co-star could earn a sixth 007 outing.

James Bond No Time to Die: The signs racks up to forecast the celebrity doing another film (Picture: EON PRODUCTIONS)

It is still available — who knows?

In May, Harris told The Independent:”It is still available — who knows?  Genuinely I think he does not know.  Nobody does.

“It is dependent on this movie and when people turn out and are like,’We desire Daniel’ — that I believe they will — then he may well be back for another one.”

While Bond producer Barbara Broccoli allegedly wants to convince Craig to keep in the role past No Time To Die.

Based on GMB’s Ross King:”When I was asking her about it [being Daniel’s final Bond film], she said,’I am in complete denial’. James Bond No time to die Full movie

“She is a really powerful lady, as all of us know.

James Bond woman Naomie Harris groped by’enormous star’ when in her 20s

James Bond No Time to Die: Daniel Craig to reunite for a more movie?

James Bond No Time to Die: The 25th movie comes out April 2020

“Maybe do not count out the fact he might return for just one more.”

Is there a lot of evidence to suggest Craig will not be able to bid farewell to his most iconic character just yet?

Unless Aston Martin is holding a trick up its sleeve, an Aston Martin Rapide E won’t be appearing in the new James Bond film”No Time to Die,” as we had previously thought. 

As the anniversary of when the first Bond movie”Dr. No” was originally released in 1962, Oct. 5 was deemed Global James Bond Day.  To celebrate the event, two things were published: the first film poster for”No Time To Die” and Aston Martin’s film lineup.  Playing to the 25th anniversary, Aston will consist of classic versions, current automobiles, and future rides.

Component of this news isn’t really news.  We understood the V8 Vantage and the DB5 are in attendance, but the addition of the DBS Superleggera and the Valhalla is a great surprise.  There is no word if the DBS will be among those”On Her Majesty’s Secret Service” special-edition examples, but we doubt it. No time to die

We can only hope we are so blessed to see these cars in yet another romp.  Few figures about the Valhalla’s powertrain have leaked, besides it will be mid-engined using a twin-turbocharged V6 with F1 technology, but it is doubtlessly effective at combating the DBS, which has a 715-horsepower twin-turbocharged 5.2-liter V-12.

We’ll discover how involved each car is on April 8, 2020, the afternoon”No Time To Die” releases. 


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