James Bond: David Walliams is 007 villain Blofeld for Halloween — fans confuse for Dr Evil

James Bond has faced many foes over the years however, the biggest baddie of this Bond villains has to be Ernst Stavro Blofeld, the head of SPECTRE. James Bond 25 No Time To Die Full Movie.  He featured several times played by various actors in the earlier Bond films, prior to making a surprise return in the latest 007 film, played by Christoph Waltz. 

James Bond 25 No Time To Die Full Movie

Currently 007 superfan David Williams, who presented a documentary a few years back about his love of the spy has channelled Blofeld for this year’s Jonathan Ross Halloween celebration.James Bond 25 No Time To Die Full Movie.  The 48-year-old posted a couple of snaps onto his Instagram sporting that classic grey jacket and sporting a bald cap and imitation scar, with a white cat toy on his arms.

James Bond 25 No Time To Die Full Movie.

But by the comments on the snaps, it appears a number of his fans mistook Walliams’ costume for Austin Powers villain Dr Evil, a parody of Blofeld who dresses the exact same manner as his counterpart.

Walliams needed to post another picture of himself since the Bond villain to fix the mistake.

But contemplating the lack of Blofeld from the 007 franchise for so many years before of late, it is unsurprising that the look is more correlated with Dr Evil now.James Bond 25 No Time To Die Full Movie.

Whilst Waltz’ Blofeld was seized by MI6 by the end of 2015’s Spectre, it currently looks like he will be making a return in next year’s No Time To Die.James Bond 25 No Time To Die Full Movie.

Back in August, dependable Bond insider Baz Bamigboye tweeted:”Exclusive: Hello Mr Waltz… we have been expecting you.”

Baz added:”When a visitor seen him, Waltz insisted,”You have not seen me.”

Why Blofeld is back for No Time To Die is something of a puzzle, believing that Rami Malek’s Safin is the most important villain against Daniel Craig’s 007 now around.James Bond 25 No Time To Die Full Movie.

James Bond 25 No Time To Die Full Movie.In the end, how do you top Blofeld as the large bad for a Bond celebrity’s ultimate movie in the franchise?

Well, there’s a theory among fans that Safin is really Dr No, as Franz Oberhauser was really Blofeld.

Aside from the head of SPECTRE, Auric Goldfinger and Dr Julius No are probably the most well-known Bond villains to come to mind for movie lovers.

Craig Revel Horwood joins Holly Willoughby in daring Halloween appearance

Walliams are blofeld

And contemplating the two of these, Malek would be a great match for Dr No. James Bond 25 No Time To Die Full Movie. But there’s a few other reasons the Bohemian Rhapsody celebrity could be enjoying him.

Dr No was 007’s first principal villain in the original Bond movie of the identical title , back in 1962.James Bond 25 No Time To Die Full Movie.  Bringing in a new incarnation of him could be a fantastic tribute to the franchise.James Bond 25 No Time To Die

The baddie also works for SPECTRE, which might explain his connection to Waltz’ Blofeld, who’s also returning for No Time To Die.  Together with Blofeld in prison, he will require another of his colleagues in the evil business to keep business running smoothly.

Dr No is also a mad scientist at the movie, which will fit in well with the rumoured genetic warfare plot and James Bond 25 No Time To Die Full Movie. synopsis mentioning the search for a missing scientist — one that’s probably different to Dr . 


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