So, who’s going to sing the theme song for’No Time To Die’ afterward?

In his own age as 007, acts like Chris Cornell, Alicia Keys and Jack White, not to mention Adele and Sam Smith have all performed the theme song, but there’s been some also-rans in there as well.  james Bond 25 no time to die movie. Radiohead famously offered up an interesting tune for’Spectre’, only to be replaced by Sam Smith’s boring-as-hell’Writing’s On The Wall’.

This time round, but the question remains as to who will be taking on duties.  While the manufacturers have made no statement as of yet, there has been plenty of rumours and speculation doing the rounds. james Bond 25 no time to die movie. Names like Lana del Rey, Janelle Monae have been mentioned, however the front runners so far seem to be either Dua Lipa or even Ed Sheeran.

james Bond 25 no time to die movie

Actually, it was reported only last month that bookies slashed the odds on Ed Sheeran performing the theme song from 5/1 into 7/2, before going all of the way down to 3/2.   Going by previous Bond theme songs, however, there’s rarely much credence placed in bookies’ odds.

Radiohead, for instance, were the 6/4 favorite after someone placed a #15,000 bet on them ‘Spectre’, prompting bookmakers William Hill to suspend betting for this. james Bond 25 no time to die movie. As most of us know, Radiohead did in fact record a tune, but it was finally revealed that the producers rejected it in favour of Sam Smith.

james Bond 25 no time to die movie

Generally speaking, Bond theme songs are constantly performed by du jour pop artists and nearly rarely – if ever – performed by behaves with even the slightest bit of advantage.  Pulp, Alice Cooper, also Johnny Cash composed Bond theme tunes that were ultimately rejected by EON, the manufacturing company in charge.

With that in mind, the likes of Lana del Rey or Janelle Monae being in the running is probably accurate – but it is going to ultimately go to somebody like Ed Sheeran who is just dull enough to be the choice and is eager enough that he’s even written a few songs for it. James Bond 25 no time to die movie.


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