Harry Styles Would like to be Another James Bond

The’Sign of The Times’ singer has confirmed that he is considering handling the iconic character james bond, following Daniel Craig confirmed the forthcoming No Time To Die will probably be his final outing since the iconic super-spy.

He advised Hits Radio:”Yeah, I mean, that would not [need to become Bond ?You understand, I loved him when I was a child.  So I think that it’s kind of everyone’s fantasy just a little bit, right?”

James Bond

Designs, who made his acting debut in Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk, now joins the likes of Idris Elba,s Norton as well as Peaky Blinders’ Cillian Murphy — who’ve all been connected with the function.

James Bond

Precisely the identical interview also saw Harry talking how recent single’Lights Up’ was motivated by his own”self-discovery” in the past couple of decades.

“For me personally it is a really uplifting song.  And I believe in areas it is sort of black,” he explained.

“But to me, it is quite liberating… it is about self-reflection and self-discovery and only, like independence.  It seems like really free .  Things that I’ve been attempting to process andI figure, wrestle with just a tiny bit during the past couple years.

“It is kind of like only accepting all those things.  It is a really positive tune to me”


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