James Bond 25 – Full Cast & Crew – Official Announces who is new

Bond 25 Cast

The legendary M16 agent is back! What did you just hear? Yes, after the last drive off of James Bond in 2015, again James Bond is back with Bond 25! Yes, this upcoming Bond 25 is going to be the 25th installment of the Bond series. A long way, Bond!

This spy film named Bond 25 is going to give us an action-packed thriller, no doubt. We can never have fewer expectations when it comes to the Bond series. But this time, an amazing story along with a new cast and crew are coming before us!

Bond 25 Cast

Yes, you and me, we all are highly excited and have high hopes to see what’s in the Bond 25 cast that is going to keep our heads spinning! Let’s have a look at the Bond 25 cast and Crew to know who’s in this installment!

Cast and Crew: Who’s in!

Look who’s Bond!

Bond 25 Cast

After a lot of trouble, finally, Bond 25 will be released. Bond 25 director is Cary Joji Fukunaga who is also a co-writer of the screenplay. In this final turn of James Bond 2019, look who’s back in the game! Yes, it is amazing to have Daniel Craig in Bond 25 as James Bond! It has been a long time since you didn’t see Daniel as Bond. In his sensational Spectre, you are going to see him once again!

This 51 years old actor will be going to play the role of a retired M16 agent. People have been so fond of him that they are calling him DANIEL CRAIG BOND 25 already!

No easy ride this time! Yes, As Rami Malek is selected as the main antagonist, according to him. Mr. Bond is will not have an easy ride in this installment. He promises that Mr. Bond is going to have a tough in this 25th outing. I know you cannot wait to see it! If you want to know more about the movie, watch the Bond 25 Full movie to quench your thirst.

Seeing Daniel Craig have a tough ride is surely going to be fun! You will get a proof of this TOUGH RIDE if you know what happened to Craig. While he was doing an action shoot in Jamaica, Craig slept during ding sprinting.

He had an ankle injury after this. According to the Bond 25 news by the production team, Craig was told not to be in any action scene for about two weeks at that time. Back then, he went through a minor surgery too. This tweet by the production team also included that the release date of the film will be in April 2020, no matter what.

Rami Malek

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP/REX/Shutterstock (10055918ho) Rami Malek arrives at the 24th annual Critics’ Choice Awards, at the Barker Hangar in Santa Monica, Calif 24th Annual Critics’ Choice Awards – Arrivals, Santa Monica, USA – 13 Jan 2019

Yes, yes, we are talking about Rami Malek! There were rumors that Malek will be playing the role of villain in this new action franchise. And now, we are sure that he is going to join this installment of James Bond. Rami Malek James Bond 25 will be stopping Bond from having an easy ride.

Said Taghmaoui

This Wonder Women star is also rumored to be in this installment of Bond. Days ago, before Boyle exit, he said that he was cast by Boyle. He also mentioned that at that moment, Boyle left the project and there are some uncertainties regarding the casting.

We can only hope for his entrance in the Bond 25 movie but we cannot say it surely if he is going to be in this Bond series or not this time. But let us hope for the best. So yes, she is a possible cast of James Bond 25.

Lashana Lynch

Do you remember Captain Marvel starred Lashana Lynch? Yes, she is probably going to join this James Bond series this time. There will be new agents in this Bond 25 movie and as a new agent, she is taking an entry. She will be named as Nomi in the Bond 25 series. SO, let’s count Lynch as the new agent 007.

Ralph Fiennes

The comebacks are always our favorite when it comes to an action franchise. And again, a previous actor is making a comeback in this James Bond 2019 movie.

The head of M16 is named as M and the role will be played by Ralph Fiennes in Bond 25. You are right! This, Kind’s Man actor is going to make a comeback in the James Bond action franchise as the latest iteration of Craig’s boss. He will be playing the role of the boss of James Bond this time. 

Ben Whishaw

M16 Quartermaster! Who is playing the role of Quartermaster! This made the audience so much interested and so, here it is! Again we are getting a return of a previous actor. Do you remember Whishaw? We are exactly talking about Ben Wishaw! This is his third time joining the James Bond 25 movie series.

To afford James Bond the latest equipment in the whole earth, Quartermaster is always here. In short, he is named as M16 Q and he is here to support James Bond. And no one can play this role better than Ben Whishaw 

Lea Seydoux

Another comeback here! Yes, the role of Dr. Swann is played by Lea Seydoux in the Bond 25 series. DO you remember the psychiatrist who was driving off with James Bond as the end of the last James Bond 25 movie? She is the one! She is Seydoux. 

Rory Kinnear

Boll Tanner! Once again Rory Kinnear is here with the character of Bill Tanner. This is his fourth time playing the role of the chief of staff of M16.

These were the most important roles of Bond 25 but there are more casts in this James Bond 25 this time. Ana de Armas is playing the role of Paloma. The role of Waldo is played by David Dencik. Billy Magnussen, Jeffrey Wright, and Dali Benssalah are also joining this action franchise “James Bond 2019.”

Parcel Up

James Bond will never let us down and we all know that. But knowing about the Bond 25 cast will give us relief and also will calm our worry down about the movie. The favorites of the last Bond movie Naomi Harris, Ben, Fiennes along with Armas, Malek and Lynch is again on the cast of Bond 25.

So, we can hope that April 8, 2020, affords us the best James Bond Movie of all time. And if you cannot wait to watch the movie, go for Watch Bond 25 Full Movie Online.


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